Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bali Way of Life

Bali Way of Life tour at our 14 Night gems of Southeast Asia cruise on celebrity Millennium.
We were tended into Benoa harbor, where the tour bus was waiting.
First stop was at a silver smithy in Celuk - the silver smithy was not so interesting, but it was very interesting to see the property and how the rich houses are decorated.
We continued to Bangli where we visited a Hindu temple - here they were getting ready for a big ceremony next week and the temple was being dressed up for the celebration with plenty of decorating. Everybody entering the temple are required to wear a sarong .
After the temple we drove to Penglipuran, where we visited a traditional Hindu village  where we had free time to wander around the village. The local people were very friendly and keen to show us their homes and tell us about their life and culture - we got a nice insight in the way of living.
Then we continued to Kintamini in the northern part of Bali. Here we got a  lunch of traditional Bali dishes - incredibly interesting to try the different local dishes. The restaurant had a great view of the volcanoes Abang and Batur with crater lake (Batur lake).

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