Wednesday, January 9, 2013

At Sea

watch the video from the ship.
Wednesday takes us north of Java on the way to Lombok. Weather has been a bit cooler- now it's only 27C!
In the morning we were an hour on the sun deck before we went down to hear a lecture on Galapagos - pretty exciting and a lot of useful information before our cruise in the Galapagos in the fall.
In the early afternoon we went to a wine tasting seminar - not because we need to learn more about wine, but it is interesting to taste a variety of new wines against each other.
it was more for a few hours sun in the afternoon before we went into the gym.
There was a 'Welcome Back Party' for Captains Club members and then dinner at the Metropolitan, and we slutteded the evening with a glass of white wine in the martini bar.

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