Saturday, January 19, 2013

At Sea

So it's another day at sea - and unfortunately the last. We sailed through the Bay of Bengal to Singapore - last destination of the trip.
The day we started with breakfast in the Olympic restaurant.
After breakfast we walked around the ship - had a meeting with 'future cruises' and kept in touch with the outside world in iLounge. Before lunch we read and after lunch there was both time Fitness and sundeck.

The suitcases had to be packed before 11pm and placed outside the cabin. When the suitcases were out the front door, it was time for the tour last glass of red wine in the tropical night air on our balcony.

Passports were returned to us on the last sea day. Instructions were left in our cabin, giving information of where and when to collect them. We were asked to take the passport receipt when collecting them. This was organised and there was no queue what so ever when I collected my passports. Nice to get the passports back with all the visa stamps.

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